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Vote for Starlite

Voting is a key part of keeping our server's community growing. It helps us get a higher place on server lists, and more players. You can also earn some pretty good rewards for doing it. Here you can see a list of every voting site, and a list of all the rewards!

Vote Rewards

Rewards per vote
These rewards are given every time you vote. Voting on all sites in one day gives you a free Star Key.

  • 1x Vote Key
  • 150$ in-game cash

Milestone Rewards
Milestone rewards are earned after you reach a certain amount of votes in your lifetime.

  • 15 votes: 1x Star Key
  • 30 votes: 2x Nebula Keys
  • 45 votes: 1x Galaxy Key
                      500 Cosmetic Coins
  • 60 votes:  3x Galaxy Keys
  • 75 votes: 1x Elytra
  • 100 votes: 2,500 Cosmetic Coins
                        5x Galaxy Keys
                        5,000$ extra in-game cash

Vote Parties

Vote parties start after the server meets a certain goal amount of votes. The goal increases after each party. During the party, you have a chance to win rare drops such as diamonds, gold, emeralds, ancient debris, and more!