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Update - Space, Payouts, and more! (June 2021)

Update - Space, Payouts, and more! (June 2021)

Referral Top Rewards

There will be a competition for /referleaderboard. Winners will be announced on July 3rd. Use /referrals in game for more info.

  • 1st place: $50 Paypal Cash
  • 2nd place: $30 Buycraft Giftcard
  • 3rd place: $20 Buycraft Giftcard

Space Travel

Players can now go to Space on our server! There are many new custom items to craft, and an aether-like world to explorer. You will die without an oxygen source, so make sure to read the starter guide

Players can create 7 different kinds of space suits. You can also create your own space station! Watch out for dangerous new mobs; Dead Astronauts, Enhanced Creepers and Skeletons!


Jobs have been added to the server as a way to make money. This has replaced the old system where mining, fishing, etc would drop small amounts of money.

Each category is different to tailor to different playstyles. Use /jobs in game for more info!

General Changes

  • Parties changed to MCMMO system, you can now level up parties and share items and exp with other members
  • Any randomly generated loot from dungeons and other structures are now unique to each player. No more finding already raided areas!
  • 7 New sets of custom craftable armor have been added
    • Desert Armor
    • Mountain Armor
    • Woodland Armor
    • Ice Armor
    • Aqua Armor
    • Cavedweller Armor
    • Bosshunter Armor
  • All chat challenges have about 50 challenges per category (excluding trivia)
  • Vote parties have been added
  • Crates were updated, better rewards in some and any bugged items were fixed
  • Pressing F for the navigator has been removed, it is now /nav
  • New custom join messages added
  • General bugfixes

50% Store Sale

There will be a storewide sale until July 31st. 50% off everything with a minimum cart balance of 5$. There is a new Summer Crate Key available during this season. Thank you for supporting this server!

3 months ago
Towns Update and event! (Survival)

Happy Cinco de Mayo! This month we are bringing some fun changes to the server. As you already know, we used GriefPrevention for land claiming. We have upgraded to GriefDefender, which adds towns, and allows players to rent out land. All player claims and blocks have been migrated, so nothing has been lost or changed. All of the features from the original plugin are still there too, so commands are the same!

A town costs 500$ to create, and can share a bank of items. You can use /trust to allow others to join your town. You can set a spawn for your town as well. I recommend setting a player warp! Use /help in game or ask staff for more info on commands.

At the end of this month we will be awarding the top 3 players with the best developed towns with 30k cash ingame, 200 stardust, and a Star rank! Read the events channel in Discord for more info. More events are being planned for the future, so stay tuned!

3 months ago
Survival Update #1

Recent Changes:

  • Added 250$ fee to /back
  • Voting rewards fixed
  • Player warps are unlimited, but now cost money to create. Cost varies by rank.
  • More chat challenges added
  • Bank interest changed to .5% per 24 hours
  • Bank and Block shop locations flipped
  • Chat tag NPC added near crates in spawn

3 months ago
Changes to Survival

Welcome to Starlite!

As many of you know, this server was formerly known as Based MC. We decided to change some things up and rebrand the server to have a more consistent theme. When I initially set things up, I was just getting back into making servers, but this version of the server should be much better in some ways.

Survival Changelog

  • Mobs have a 10% chance to drop stardust. This dust can be used to purchase items from a special shop, as well as some donator items.
  • There is a new spawn, a lot less confusing to navigate
  • Custom Dragons changed, new names, difficulties and drops. Dragons now drop a star key on death, and the money amount was adjusted
  • Daily rewards were redone, they are now as follows
    • Day 1 - Vote Key
    • Day 2 - 500$
    • Day 3 - 30 exp levels
    • Day 4 - Unbreaking III Book
    • Day 5 - Galaxy Crate Key
    • Day 6 - Mending Book
  • Donation ranks have been changed, see store for the changes
  • Lunar Caches have been added. These are similar to crates, but only for cosmetic items
  • Bank was redone; was tired of dealing with some plugins not working correctly so I made a custom GUI
  • Navigator has been changed, press F to open it
  • New voting rewards, top 3 monthly earn prizes like gift cards, stardust, etc
  • Bluemap now on our website, go to to view
  • 76 Chat Tags are now availible
  • There is a new chat filter that will block ads for other servers, as well as all commonly used slurs. This one will also block them from Discord chat!
  • Custom join messages were added. These can be earned through crates, ranks, or bought with stardust
  • World border is now 10k by 10k
  • All player shops now have a 15 percent discount throughout the weekend
  • On weekends, more money will be earned from jobs such as fishing, killing mobs, and mining
  • Custom armor has been added. These will be obtained as very difficult end-game items, bought with stardust, or through crates
  • Talismans have been added. These are also end-game items that you can craft. They will give the player certain buffs. More info will be on our wiki soon
  • Chat events were added. Competitions to type a word, kill mobs, fish, etc!

More changes coming soon, stay tuned for updates!