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Apr 23, 2022

Mob Arena

Mob Arena
Mob Arena castle behind the market at spawn

Mob Arenas have always been a fun addition to any survival server I've been on, so we made our own here. It's a great way to gain exp while earning valuable resources and having fun. We had a castle built by our friends over at Keystone Builds, who were also commissioned for spawn. New to Mob Arena? It's pretty simple:

How to play

To join, you use /arena. Then you will spawn in this room where you have several classes to pick from before the game starts. These classes all have different pros and cons, feel free to experiment with them! When everyone is ready, they will hit the iron block and then the game will begin. After the game is ended, you will be in a spectator mode. To leave the arena, use /arenaleave

Just a few of our classes


You earn rewards throughout the course of the arena. Every several rounds, you earn smaller but useful rewards. Here is the list of rewards which may be randomly distributed:

Every 3 rounds: slimeball, cobweb, chest
Every 5 rounds: paintings, lapis, redstone
Every 10 rounds: 10 iron, 8 gold, 3 diamonds, 2 emeralds

Those aren't all you'll get here. After round 10, you will receive an anvil. After round 25, everyone gets an enchanting table and ender chest. On round 50, you'll receive a Diamond sword, 10k in-game cash, and a book of Mending. Round 75 you get a Netherite pickaxe and a Sharpness V book. Round 100 gifts you with a Netherite sword, another 25k in-game cash, and another Mending book.

Round Types

In the Mob Arena, we have different variations to the rounds. Most rounds are full of your normal mobs spawning in waves. Occasionally, there will be "special" rounds where hordes of charged creepers, or zombie pigmen spawn in! There are also arena bosses who spawn in every 10 to 15 rounds. These start out simple but get more difficult over time and need players to work together to defeat. It might sound hard, but that's why you have rounds where you get additional healing supplies and better weapons!

That's about it! Hope you enjoy the arena, and if we get enough people using it eventually we will add more arenas to visit.