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Changes to Survival
Started by xidentified



01 Apr 2021
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18 Jun 2021

Welcome to Starlite!

As many of you know, this server was formerly known as Based MC. We decided to change some things up and rebrand the server to have a more consistent theme. When I initially set things up, I was just getting back into making servers, but this version of the server should be much better in some ways.

Survival Changelog

  • Mobs have a 10% chance to drop stardust. This dust can be used to purchase items from a special shop, as well as some donator items.
  • There is a new spawn, a lot less confusing to navigate
  • Custom Dragons changed, new names, difficulties and drops. Dragons now drop a star key on death, and the money amount was adjusted
  • Daily rewards were redone, they are now as follows
    • Day 1 - Vote Key
    • Day 2 - 500$
    • Day 3 - 30 exp levels
    • Day 4 - Unbreaking III Book
    • Day 5 - Galaxy Crate Key
    • Day 6 - Mending Book
  • Donation ranks have been changed, see store for the changes
  • Lunar Caches have been added. These are similar to crates, but only for cosmetic items
  • Bank was redone; was tired of dealing with some plugins not working correctly so I made a custom GUI
  • Navigator has been changed, press F to open it
  • New voting rewards, top 3 monthly earn prizes like gift cards, stardust, etc
  • Bluemap now on our website, go to to view
  • 76 Chat Tags are now availible
  • There is a new chat filter that will block ads for other servers, as well as all commonly used slurs. This one will also block them from Discord chat!
  • Custom join messages were added. These can be earned through crates, ranks, or bought with stardust
  • World border is now 10k by 10k
  • All player shops now have a 15 percent discount throughout the weekend
  • On weekends, more money will be earned from jobs such as fishing, killing mobs, and mining
  • Custom armor has been added. These will be obtained as very difficult end-game items, bought with stardust, or through crates
  • Talismans have been added. These are also end-game items that you can craft. They will give the player certain buffs. More info will be on our wiki soon
  • Chat events were added. Competitions to type a word, kill mobs, fish, etc!

More changes coming soon, stay tuned for updates!

xidentified · 2 months ago · Last edited: 2 months ago