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Update - Space, Payouts, and more! (June 2021)
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01 Apr 2021
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18 Jun 2021

Update - Space, Payouts, and more! (June 2021)

Referral Top Rewards

There will be a competition for /referleaderboard. Winners will be announced on July 3rd. Use /referrals in game for more info.

  • 1st place: $50 Paypal Cash
  • 2nd place: $30 Buycraft Giftcard
  • 3rd place: $20 Buycraft Giftcard

Space Travel

Players can now go to Space on our server! There are many new custom items to craft, and an aether-like world to explorer. You will die without an oxygen source, so make sure to read the starter guide

Players can create 7 different kinds of space suits. You can also create your own space station! Watch out for dangerous new mobs; Dead Astronauts, Enhanced Creepers and Skeletons!


Jobs have been added to the server as a way to make money. This has replaced the old system where mining, fishing, etc would drop small amounts of money.

Each category is different to tailor to different playstyles. Use /jobs in game for more info!

General Changes

  • Parties changed to MCMMO system, you can now level up parties and share items and exp with other members
  • Any randomly generated loot from dungeons and other structures are now unique to each player. No more finding already raided areas!
  • 7 New sets of custom craftable armor have been added
    • Desert Armor
    • Mountain Armor
    • Woodland Armor
    • Ice Armor
    • Aqua Armor
    • Cavedweller Armor
    • Bosshunter Armor
  • All chat challenges have about 50 challenges per category (excluding trivia)
  • Vote parties have been added
  • Crates were updated, better rewards in some and any bugged items were fixed
  • Pressing F for the navigator has been removed, it is now /nav
  • New custom join messages added
  • General bugfixes

50% Store Sale

There will be a storewide sale until July 31st. 50% off everything with a minimum cart balance of 5$. There is a new Summer Crate Key available during this season. Thank you for supporting this server!

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