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Apr 23, 2022



What are Cosmetics?

Cosmetics are just a nice little perk that add visual effects to players. On your sidebar, you will notice under your money there is a spot for coins. These coins are used to purchase various cosmetic items that you can buy using /cosmetics.

Cosmetic Categories

There are ten different cosmetic types to use. They are as follows:
Statuses (free for everyone, just tells other players what you're looking to do)
Miniatures (small floating creatures who follow you around)
Particle Effects (particle patterns that will surround you as you move)
Mounts (Rideable creatures)
Death Effects (A particle tribute to you upon dying)
Pets (on-ground creatures that follow you around)
Music (spawns in a DJ that plays a noteblock song on loop)
Emotes (Turns your head into an animated emoji)
Banners (they hang over your head, several nice designs to pick from)
Morphs (Mob disguises)
Balloons (hold a balloon over your head, lots of nice designs)

How do I get them?

Cosmetic coins can be won in crates, which you can earn keys for by voting. If you vote often, you can get keys for our donator crates, which you can earn a bigger sum of coins from. If you don't want to vote, you can also earn coins simply by being online long enough. Use /levels for more information on playtime levels! You can also purchase coins using /buy.

How can I see my cosmetics before I buy them?

Several players have asked this exact question, so we added /warp dressingroom to try on your cosmetics before spending coins! There are lots to pick from, hope you enjoy.