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Dec 30, 2021

Claim Land to Prevent Grief

Claim Land to Prevent Grief

On Starlite, we use the GriefDefender plugin to protect your builds. When you first join, you will have a Golden Shovel in your inventory. You can easily get another one by using /kit claim if you lose it. This is the item used to claim land. If you'd like to see who owns a land claim, simply right click the area with a stick.

To create a claim, right click two corners to create the boundaries of the claim, here's an example:

Each hour of playtime you earn more blocks to claim land with. You can also purchase more blocks using in-game money with /buyclaimblocks. One block costs 10$ in game money.

You can invite friends to your claims using /trust <username>. If you need any more help use /help in-game, then hover over "Land Claim Commands" for an entire list of claim-related commands.