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Apr 18, 2022

Chest Shops

Chest Shops

On survival, chest shops are a great way to make money from or purchase items that aren't available in our market! Setting up a chest shop, and then creating a player warp to it, is a great way to earn some extra in game money. It's as easy as placing a sign on (or above) a chest and writing the following information on each line:

    Line one: <leave blank, your username will appear here later>
    Line two: <Write the amount of money you want to sell your items for>
    Line three: B <write buy price here> : <write sell price here> S
    Line four: <Write the item ID of the item you're selling>

Item ID's are slightly different than the item name. You can find a complete list here. For example, a diamond sword would be written as "diamond_sword" This list will show you the item ID of any item!